Physics E-book Collection

E-books have turned in to an essential need of the modern day learner with the ongoing developments in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). With that comes the necessity of acquiring knowledge through such electronic resources especially in a cost effective manner. Therefore, this e-book collection is dedicated for those who are willing to expand their knowledge either targeting an exam or targeting general awareness. 

About the Creator of the E-book Collection

Mr. S.T.Sadeeshvara Udayanga is a PhD candidate at the university of Waikato, New Zealand. Previously, he was attached to the Research Council of University of Kelaniya. He graduated with a 1st class honors degree in physics and has a Diploma in Information Technology as well. Apart from this collection of eBooks, he maintains another collection of lecture notes available at: http://www.lecturenotesinphysics.com/.

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