Friday, August 7, 2015

Statistical Mechanics, 2nd Edition by Kerson Huang

Statistical Mechanics, 2nd Edition (0471815187) cover image


Unlike most other texts on the subject, this clear, concise introduction to the theory of microscopic bodies treats the modern theory of critical phenomena. Provides up-to-date coverage of recent major advances, including a self-contained description of thermodynamics and the classical kinetic theory of gases, interesting applications such as superfluids and the quantum Hall effect, several current research applications, The last three chapters are devoted to the Landau-Wilson approach to critical phenomena. Many new problems and illustrations have been added to this edition.

Table of Contents

The Laws of Thermodynamics.
Some Applications of Thermodynamics.
The Problem of Kinetic Theory.
The Equilibrium State of a Dilute Gas.
Transport Phenomena.
Classical Statistical Mechanics.
Canonical Ensemble and Grand Canonical Ensemble.
Quantum Statistical Mechanics.
General Properties of the Partition Function.
Approximate Methods.
Fermi Systems.
Bose Systems.
Ising Model.
Onsager Solution.
Critical Phenomena.
The Landau Approach.
Renormalization Group.


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