Friday, August 7, 2015

The Mathematica Book, Fifth Edition by Stephen Wolfram

<i>The Mathematica Book</i>, Fifth Edition

As both a highly readable tutorial and a definitive reference for over a million Mathematica users worldwide, this book covers every aspect of Mathematica. It is an essential resource for all users of Mathematica from beginners to experts. This expanded fifth edition presents Mathematica Version 5 for the first time and is important for anyone interested in the progress of advanced computing.
Included in this new edition are the following:

Visual tour of key features
Practical tutorial introduction
Full descriptions of 1,200+ built-in functions
Thousands of illustrative examples
Easy-to-follow descriptive tables
Essays highlighting key concepts
Mathematica language tutorial
Guide to symbolic programming
Introduction to document-centered interfaces
Guide to the MathLink API
Notes on internal implementation
Index with 10,000+ entries

A Tour of Mathematica | A Practical Introduction to Mathematica | Principles of Mathematica | Advanced Mathematics in Mathematica | Appendix: Mathematica Reference Guide

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