Thursday, October 15, 2015

Diagnostic Radiology Physics Handbook

The IAEA has recently published the ‘Diagnostic Radiology Physics: A Handbook for Teachers and Students’, aiming at providing the basis for the education of medical physicists initiating their university studies in the field of diagnostic radiology. This has been achieved with the work of 41 authors and reviewers from 12 different countries. The 24 chapters include a broad coverage of topics relevant to diagnostic radiology physics, including the radiation physics, dosimetry and instrumentation, image quality and image perception, imaging modality specific topics, recent advances in digital techniques and radiation biology and protection. This book teaches the essential physics of diagnostic radiology and its application in modern medicine. It is not designed to replace the large number of textbooks available on many aspects of diagnostic radiology physics, which will still be necessary to deepen knowledge in the specific topics reviewed here. It is expected to successfully fill a gap in the teaching material for medical radiation physics in imaging, providing in a single manageable volume the largest possible coverage available.

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