Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves: Theories and Applications 1st Edition by Leung Tsang , Jin Au Kong and Kung-Hau Ding

A timely and authoritative guide to the state of the art of wave scattering Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves offers in three volumes a complete and up-to-date treatment of wave scattering by random discrete scatterers and rough surfaces. Written by leading scientists who have made important contributions to wave scattering over three decades, this new work explains the principles, methods, and applications of this rapidly expanding, interdisciplinary field. It covers both introductory and advanced material and provides students and researchers in remote sensing as well as imaging, optics, and electromagnetic theory with a one-stop reference to a wealth of current research results. Plus, Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves contains detailed discussions of both analytical and numerical methods, including cutting-edge techniques for the recovery of earth/land parametric information. The three volumes are entitled respectively Theories and Applications, Numerical Simulation, and Advanced Topics. In the first volume, Theories and Applications, Leung Tsang (University of Washington) Jin Au Kong (MIT), and Kung-Hau Ding (Air Force Research Lab) cover: Basic theory of electromagnetic scattering Fundamentals of random scattering Characteristics of discrete scatterers and rough surfaces Scattering and emission by layered media Single scattering and applications Radiative transfer theory and solution techniques One-dimensional random rough surface scattering

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